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Princess/Prince Ballet     
Ages 3-5.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement exploration through imagination and introduction to class structure.


Pre Ballet

Ages 5-6. Basic ballet steps and terminology with some elements of creative movement.


Ballet 1
Beginner ballet technique. Ages 6 - 11.

Ballet 2 & 3
Ballet technique for students with under 4 years previous experience. Ages 7 -11 with 2-4 years prior experience.

Intermediate Ballet - Levels 4 & 5
Ages 8-14. Intermediate level dancers with 4-6 years prior experience. Three classes/week recommended, required for the pre-pointe/pointe dancers.

Advanced Ballet - Levels 6 & 7
Ages 12 and up, must have Ms. Mary's approval to be in these levels.  Experienced Intermediate - Advanced level with emphasis on proper technique, pointework, musicality, and discovering artistry. Four classes/week and weekly PBT highly recommended.


Learn elements and technique of dancing with a partner including partnered turns, lifts, and jumps. Advanced level and proficiency on pointe required.


PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) 

Students learn and understand the depth of training correct muscle memory in achieving proper execution of ballet technique. Proper form prevents injuries and accelerates advancement in the dancer's training.



Class focuses on pointe technique and learning ballet variations. Must be taking ballet 3 times per week.



Ages 8 and up. Prepares dancers for pointe work. Must also be taking 2 ballet classes per week. Dancers are eligible for pointe shoes when Ms. Mary approves their technical level suitable for pointe and they have reached the age of 12.


Beginner Tap, Tap 1

Ages 5-10 Basic beginner technique, terminology and rhythms of tap.

Tap 2

Advanced beginner/entering intermediate level tap.

Int./Adv. Tap

Intermediate/advanced technique, terminology and rhythms of tap.

 Jazz 1, Jazz 2

A fun dance style that uses bold, dramatic movements. This class introduces beginners to the style, energy, and dance steps specific to jazz dance.


Int/Adv Jazz

A fun dance style that uses bold, dramatic movements including body isolations, contractions and releases, stylized turns and jumps, and original choreographic elements. For dancers with at least 3 previous years of Jazz experience.


Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary

Uses elements of modern, ballet, and jazz combined to explore the newest and most popular form of dance today, contemporary dance. Contemporary dance is often very different and specific to the style of each individual teacher.


Beginning Hip Hop

A beginner class for young dancers introducing elements of hip hop dance. This is a high-energy class!


Intermediate Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.

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