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The Studio


We are passionate about providing the highest quality education in the Art of Dance with a strong foundation in ballet technique. We believe that a positive, structured, and inspiring environment will cultivate tremendous growth in our students. Our training focuses on excellence in technique while developing artistry and self expression within each individual dancer.

It is important for us to pass on to the future generation the knowledge, love, and heritage of the art form of dance. Dance lessons give students of all ages better coordination, self-esteem, strength, flexibility, confidence, energy, focus, dedication, perseverance, responsibility, accountability, performing experience, joy, body awareness, sensitivity to teamwork, and a personal sense of artistry. These skills go beyond the walls of the studio and can be used in everyday life as well. We encourage technical excellence to provide incredible training as well as preventing injuries in our students. We nourish artistic growth and integrity. We train our dancers in a supportive, encouraging, and enjoyable atmosphere.


We offer class in all ages and in an array of dance styles. We believe that ballet technique is the foundation for any great dance training and with a solid balletic foundation a dancer can go in a multitude of directions. Our training begins with Ballet and introduces more techniques as age and ability increase.


We have a la carte classes as well as programs designed to train well rounded dancers at all ages. Call today to let us design the best program for your dancer!

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