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We are passionate about providing the highest quality education in the art of dance with a strong foundation in ballet technique. We believe that a positive, structured, and inspiring environment will cultivate tremendous growth in our students. Our training focuses on excellence in technique while developing artistry and self expression within each individual dancer.


Hello Dance Families,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I send this announcement. Per Governor Sisolak’s orders, we will be closing our doors as of Noon, March 18th. The Governor requests a closure period of 30 days to curb the advancement of COVID-19. We will be offering all of our current classes via our online streaming service as well as offering videos through You Tube of additional training and choreography. For the streaming service please download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app. I will be inviting each class to their online class via the phone number I have on file. If you prefer me to use your email please send me a message so I can update your info.  I urge our adult students to use this service as well! Don’t stop dancing because of this closure, a body with exercise is healthier and more resilient to disease, plus you will feel better emotionally too! I am available for FaceTime private lessons. We hope to reopen the week of April 13th, pending word from the Governor that it is safe to do so. This closure does happen over our Spring Break but I will continue to offer classes that week in light of these circumstances. Please continue dancing! Find a space in your home that can be designated dance space. Maybe even a space in the garage or outside! For ballet barre it doesn’t take up much room, find a chair or counter top that is easy to touch when your arms are in second position. Make sure you are in a dance space where you won’t kick or run into something.

While we are all preparing to stay home for the next 30 days please remember; take this time to cherish your family and to create beautiful memories. Learn about things that you don’t normally learn about such as how to cook/bake, clean, garden, paint, draw, sculpt, play an instrument, journal, write stories, etc. Take this time to do those things you never have time to do. Start by cleaning your room! And DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH! This too shall pass!

We will still have our Spring Concert, as scheduled at the moment. This is an everchanging situation so I will keep you posted on the performance details.

I wish all of you health during this time, stay safe and stay healthy!

COVID-19 and LVDA 

Thank you to our photographers Alicia Lee Photography, Portraits to You, and Elizabeth Comstock